Saturday, May 3, 2014

Reading Success

On April 24th, I had Joey's annual IEP meeting. I was nervous, but with so much other stuff going on in my life, I felt like it was going to be another letdown. Usually the meetings start with how poorly Joey pays attention, how he can't focus, how he is behind grade level, etc.

Well I was in for quite a surprise.

Some parents would be upset to hear the word "average" be used to describe their child, but other parents would feel it was a dream come true. Today, I was told that Joey is "an average reader on a 3rd grade level." I wanted to cry tears of joy. He entered 3rd grade at a 1st grade reading level.

Miracles happen! Yes, I feel it's a miracle. Not only has he progressed, but his team, who weren't his biggest supporters, actually had positive things to say.

Of course Joey's response was, "Can I quit Kumon now?"

Speaking of Kumon, he received a Rising Star medal this week for being on grade level.

I am so proud of my boy!

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