Monday, January 11, 2010

I have no words

Yes, that's right! For the first time, I am literally speechless!

Tonight, I had a phone conversation with a person who shall remain nameless. When I spoke about something my son did that was embarrassing (who's kid hasn't embarrassed them, typical or autistic, by saying something inappropriate?), and I mentioned that when I apologized to the boy's Mom, I mentioned that my son was Autistic, the person I was talking to said "he's not Autistic. You don't have to tell people he's Autistic." Ummm...what???

This is from the same person that 5 months ago, when I mentioned that maybe I should get an ID tag for Joey that states he has Epilepsy, she said "it's not like he has grand mal seizures. Let's not get carried away." Ummm...huh?

There are varying degrees of Autism, but they all fall under the same title. Yes, my son is verbal and no, he doesn't bang his head on the wall. Does this mean that he doesn't have Autism? When was he cured because I guess I missed that?

I know I can't let this bother me. I guess I'm just amazed. I truly have no words for this kind of ignorance.

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